What Do You Worry About Most?

If you're like most professionals today, you worry most about two things:

1. How to be so productive that you keep your job, and

2. How to be that productive and yet still have time left over for your family...or yourself

You may be a marketing manager, sales manager, project manager, creative director, or business owner. (I'd add butcher, baker, and candle-stick maker, but I think I covered all the bases.) You have sales goals. Products and services to promote. And budgets within which to stay.

Regardless what you are or what you do, you have one thing in common with your colleagues nationwide: You're overworked. You have too many plates spinning and worry some may drop.

On top of that, you may be an expert in your field, but you're not necessarily expert in the professions of advertising, marketing, public relations, or Web 2.0 strategies and tactics. So you're forced to rely on a cadre of agencies, consultants, and freelancers -- hoping they don't let you down and, possibly, cost you a job.

I not only can help you keep your job, I can help you excel in it. Here's how.