Do Your Tactics Pass The Three-Second Rule?

If a would-be customer can't see one of your billboards and get it -- within three seconds -- you've just lost a sale. And wasted a lot of money.

Ditto for your brochures, direct mail letters, ads, radio spots, press releases, and taglines (especially taglines!). They're bound by the three-second rule, too. Do they grab people by the throat and command, "Pay attention to me now"... then reach into their pockets, yank out their wallets, and demand, "Buy me now"?

Or do they become fodder for recycling stations, kindling for winter-time fireplaces, another annoying reason to change channels, or -- worst of all -- head-scratching conundrums?

If it's the former, you're in business. Literally. And you don't need me. Thanks for stopping by!

However, if it's the latter, you're not growing your business. All you're doing is keeping copywriters, ad agencies, consultants, newspapers, postal workers, and media sales people in business.

Enter Bill Murphy - Wordsmith.

Is your strategy sound? Are your tactics fantastic but for the wrong strategy? If your marketing is shooting blanks, do you or your team of employees and/or vendors know how to fix it?

I specialize in direct mail letters (long-form and short-form), especially fundraising letters for non-profit organizations. But it doesn't matter what industry you're in. I'm a well-traveled copywriter with broad experience and a boat-load of education. So, chances are, I have expertise in your industry.

But education and experience are not what sets me apart from most other copywriters.

Here's what does: I know advertising's lost principles, including the crucial differences between features and benefits, not to mention strategies and tactics. And the most important factor of all: I know that my #1 job is to help you sell your products and services -- not wow you with fancy footwork or clever turns of a phrase.

When I work my mojo on your behalf, you get copy done right the first time (quickly and without hassle) -- copy that motivates, moves, compels, and sells, sells, sells!

All killer and no filler.

In today's cut-throat, here-today-gone-tomorrow business world, you can't afford any less.

My STRATEGIC services include:

  • Competitive analysis/Market research
  • Evaluation of current strategies and tactics (market, message, content, look/feel, design, placement, results)
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Employee communications
  • Sales channel analysis and support
  • Marketing budgets (tactical allocations vs. sales goals)
  • Branding/Brand strength analysis

My hard-working TACTICS include:

  • Public Relations (Crisis management, Press releases -- from serious to lighthearted -- and articles for magazines, e-zines, newspapers and professional journals)
  • Direct Marketing/Mail (entire packages or just the letters)
  • Website copy (just like you're reading now!)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al)
  • Fundraising letters (long-form or short-form, and oh-so-compelling)
  • Project management (coordinating with outside vendors, including designers and media)
  • Manuscript (book) editing/ghostwriting
  • Advertising
  • Brochures, postcards, posters, and banners
  • Employee communications (newsletters, letters, postcards, intranet)
  • Taglines (ones that actually help define your business and set you apart from your competitors!)
  • Radio Spots (scripting through production)
  • Podcasts
  • Print newsletters
  • e-Newsletters
  • Speeches
  • The proper (legal!) use of Sweepstakes/Drawings

The bottom line? Your bottom line.

When you work with me, you get more than just a copywriter. You get a 25-year veteran, a true wordsmith who's also a strategic-thinking partner.

What, exactly, can I do for you? I don't know yet. Contact me. We'll talk.